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Warning: Some freaky shit lies within. Please go prepared.
You wanna know something? I am a weird creature. But I'm sure you all have figured out by now I am just a horrible cthulu eldritch abomination sitting behind a keyboard by now.

But on Wednesday, my mother yelled at me. It was a mixture of things. Things I didn't like. All the things that prove my mother doesn't truly know me, except for what depresses me and pisses me off. I spent all of Wednesday wanting to kill myself or thinking I could run away from this mess or similar things.

But then I woke up yesterday morning. I woke up angry. Spirited. Spiteful.

I want to prove my mother wrong. Her and her goddamn stupid hopelessness. While I tend to think hope is a poison, it is only so when someone is giving it to you and then taking it away. It is expected to wane away on it's own, but brought on by someone else and then removed from them, it is rather venomous. I should know. My mom did it to me.

My mom is forcing me to go to school. I'm going to do online school. So I'm either going to be at the library everyday or mom is going to get me internet down here.

But I really don't care about the school. I'm not going for myself. I'm going to shut my harpy bitch of a mother up. While I am hoping that I'll be able to get my diploma in art. Maybe visual, but probably graphic. That may be the only reason I'm going to college is that I can get what I want. Another reasons why this all ridiculous is because my mom is acting like once I get a diploma/degree, I'm going to have jobs pouring in. I may end up stuck with some stupid mediocre job. My mom doesn't seem to realize that.

I'm going to be using the internet to upload porn to Amazon and upload poetry and prose to some magazines and see if they get published for money. I'm also going to use it to upload more stuff to my Redbubble and see if I can have a transient online job that allows a lot of freedom or maybe if I can get paid for reviews or something. I am also going to try and talk to my programmer friend to see if we can work on some of the ideas we have together for games. Though we'd just be indieand all our games would be mostly free. Maybe we'd get hired by Steam or Sony or someone and be commissioned for some games.

I hope to see you guys again soon.


United States

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