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Ah, back to the once a week grind.

I finally ran out of bandwith at home. I'm not sure if we're going to get more. It'd have to be on a credit card. We haven't had a stable financial situation since we moved down here. I plan on changing that. Or at least helping with it, a little. I plan on at least paying my own college bills.

Other than that, everything is going... decently. I don't have much art done,though I have a lot of simple things I think would sell. I need to actually draft something for my porn, though. I plan on only releasing two things a month instead of weekly. I think that would be pushing it, releasing something once a week.

I'll let everyone know when I have the accounts up. That should be by the end of the month.

I'm also, hopefully, going to start up a second Redbubble for digital art shit. While I have a few simple ideas to start off with, I want to sell some not simple things. I have some great and fun ideas... Or at least, ideas that I think are great and fun. I'm not sure if I can cash in on the popular fandom things since I don't now what is popular at all times. I had a great idea for a bb-8 shirt thing, but I forgot it.

I hope someone buys something. Honestly. I need money.

But other than that, nothing much else is new in my life. Everything is decent besides the money thing. I had to drop a friend because she was being such an ass and dropped us for her ho. But we (me and my best friend) have been thinking we had to do this for a while. It just got bad enough last and this month.

And my lolita and cosplay lists are getting larger and larger. I've recently added Firi, Konoe, and Froud from Lamento Beyond the Void to my cosplay list. I really want to cosplay Froud and Firi. They're going to be so much fun. I'll probably need to commission the cosplays though. I don't think I can make any of that.

I hope to see you guys soon!


United States

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