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Warning: Some freaky shit lies within. Please go prepared.
I am so tired of writing porn.

First off, let's all congratulate the USA and the Supreme Court for legalizing gay marriage. And let me congratulate Tennessee for not really making as much as fuss as I thought it would.


But back to the porn.

I don't really feel bad about it. It just feels strange writing porn thinking it'll get me out of this house. I'm also writing stuff other than porn, but I'm mainly writing porn as more of a fast track. It's fast, but it's also hard. I'm thinking my niche stuff will sell the most, since it has been what I've been writing more than normal porn.

I'm thinking about having several different (but also normal, not weird) pen names for all my porn. Mainly so that I can sell my stuff without it seeming like I'm overflowing the market with all my products. Also not to mention, I can focus seperately on all my different fanbases without complaint about how I'm doing this or that. Though I imagine some of my porn having elements of the others. Like my fantasy porn also occasionally having vore. Though not enough for people to valid reason to bitch.

I'm also gonna have several different pen names for my more normal stuff. But I don't have everything set in stone yet. I'm still thinking up backgrounds and everything. I only have two names truly set in stone.

I'm going to admit all my projects  had planned for prose writing are on the backburner. I really want to write that SSB fanfic, since I started and stopped so many times and I have a really cool plot for it.

I'm not sure if I can put Insatiable Anorexia on the backburner because now I'm thinking about turning it into an actual horror novel, though if I decided to turn it into a novel, I think I would focus it actually on Ashley and his anorexia actually manifesting as a physical being.

I'm also thinking about doing what Stephan King did and make a little town like Castle Rock where a whole bunch of awful things happen to its residents. I know its name and a few residents already, and even a few story ideas. But not much more than that.

As for drawings and other things, their not really on hold or anything, my brain is just needs some medical creative care since I'm trying to write everyday.

My drawings haven't been as injured as my lyric writing has been. I  think it's because my visual creativity isn't exactly thoroughly connected to my writing creativity.

I'm hoping to just get some money and get things done.

But... just a question for anyone... would anyone be willing to make my porno covers? Apparently I need to make some classy things, like romance novel covers, only more sensual. I would be willing to pay you... you'd just have to wait until after I publish.

I'm not sure how well my porn, especially my vore, will sell. I know two sites where I can promote my stuff. But I don't have an account on one of them and I'll have to get one.

I hope everyone is doing well. I miss all of you.


United States

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