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Warning: Some freaky shit lies within. Please go prepared.
Enjoy my title? Does it catch your attention?

I hope it did, because I do need someone to buy my stuff, and I am working on porn.

Let me start on the photography though. I've decided to sell some. Just in some bid of desparation. I'm not expecting anything out of it. It would be nice if something did come out of it. though, I know it's not even likely I'll sell even one thing.

But I'm kind of hoping I am. I mean, it'd be really nice to just pay my own way for Yamacon, since last time, I only paid for my ticket. I wasn't able to pay for anything else. It'd also be nice to buy some things. Like giant sixty dollar penguin plushies that are bigger than my head.

So, I'd like for people to buy my things. And if you can't buy, just promo alone is nice.

HOWEVER, if you do not think my photography is worth selling, and I'm sort of on the fence myself, then you don't have to go around filling up your journal my photography and acting and my own personal advertising agency. You don't need to if you don't want to.

You can buy my stuff here.

I think it's all a little overpriced myself so I'll probably spend some time editing the prices. I'm think 5-10% markups.


And I can never upload it ever again to dA because I've been tempbanned, a lot, for porn. And a very unlovely person has some weird vendetta against me because I uploaded porn or something. I don't know. It is ridiculous.

But I never planned on uploading here anyways. I have actually gotten a y!gallery account and I'm thinking about an eka as well.

But of course you all are probably not wondering why I am talking about porn, because i talk about it every journal.

I've started drawing genitalia. Penises and balls, to be specific. I just thought I should because I may need to have even more skills that some people may see unsavory. Or amazing, depending on your point of view.

And also I was starting to notice all the silly things in porn and there are things I like but something distracts me and I don't like some of the styles that certain things I own are drawn in.

But back to writing. On the porn front, I'm thinking about a few different series, and some of which are just going to be the special work of certain pen names. And certain pen names will have certain specialties. I'll tell you all when I finally publish something.

On the nonporn status, I am working on the revamp of A Loving Son and also Small Town Boy which never even got closed to finished here, haha. Maybe because I had no actual plot.

But now I do!

i hope everything is going to go generally well for me.


United States

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