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November 8, 2012
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Just say no. by kuroya-ken

   Sometimes we have to be reminded, that we, as human beings, can be utterly horrifying creatures. Shark finning is an unfortunate process happening off many coastlines, to many unfortunate sharks.

Please look at the above deviation.

You can also read this blogpost:… and watch this movie to educate yourselves. Warning: Not for the weak of will, stomach, or heart.

Even though there are many rules and regulations being put into place about shark finning, it is still happening, and most rules, laws and regulations didn't come to pass until the past five years.

The horrid process leaves sharks to die a cruel slow death, usually by suffocation, or being eaten. Many countries have been putting laws in effect to stop shark finning, or at worst forcing the fishermen to bring in the whole shark too port.

We as a people do have opinions, rights, and we can influence our governments to stop the horrid practice of shark finning and bringing the perpetrators of this crime to justice, and maybe even bring down illegal shark finning.

And now, a lovely feature with sharks.

:thumb336616187:parental work sketch by padmenvyPie Shark by RobtheDoodlerSharky! by frankie-san
Bleeds Night by Clone-ArtistBlack tip shark by seeARTendWhaleshark 11 by JulsBlackIt came from the ocean! by ivoryleopard
Out of the Gloom (or Fear) by DavidFulljamesShark and Boar by Tibor Galiger @ Dublin Ink by DublinInk:thumb335978951::thumb328522296:
SHARKNADO!! by bunnimationthis is what happens when... by zavraanSharktost (Street Sharks) by David De Leon Luis by DaviddleonluisAt First Bite by bigcas61
Heart Balloon Shark by DokuPRODUCTIONSShark in rain by RobtheDoodlerSomewhere in New Jersey... by AlphonseLavalleeSharky by bigcas61
Tiger Sharks by Astral-RequinWereshark by sethu13Fishe and Tchips by ebonydragonBWAH!!! by BlueRoseVal13
Little shark by AngeloCarvalhoAttack of the Alien Shark by VegaBoneIndustrial Shark - Rough Concept by JonJTran:thumb323069264:
Shark Rawr! by candystartreesoooo Shark by Jimmypencilsshark pirate by drawinguy:thumb333853048:
Surface by CKHUNTERSwim Along by Misty-Dawnwhale shark by HaakonLie
Seal Surfer by Dr-J-ToonsIf you don't love me, i'll take your heart away! by NeliaViolaKiyamet Concept by Astral-RequinKatie's Shark by Alohalanilove
Sharagon by thesimplegiantworkA Shark In The Clouds by gdsbngd2me:thumb332787243:Riptide by Veramundis
Fraudator Pistris by AverageAceWhite Death by swordsman117Jetsam :D by QaizorShark Pointillism by thebigcat4

Also, buy this shark plushie!
50% of all proceeds help save sharks in China! (I'm taking a stab that the other 50% goes to make more plushies)
Save the Sharks Plush by niitsvee

Please fav this article and comment. Also, check out the blog and video!
Help the sharks of the world.
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