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February 10, 2013
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Hello. This is the second Ultima Feature!

You know, you can't really walk around dA these days without hearing a complaint about whatever is on the front page newest.


... And the like.

I won't lie. I did see ponies. I did see nudity. I did see nude ponies. My only comment is that the world needs more brain bleach.

I still climbed over the mountain of nudes, ponies, pony nudes, recolors, and other things in search of great art. And I succeeded.

Okay, I'm over exaggerating. There is a lot of great art, even if you have to refresh a page.

These are just some of the amazing pieces I have found.

All pieces have been posted inbetween February 6th, this Wednesday, and February 9th, Saturday.

8reathing the light 8ack into her by ZeeCatfishSleeping Beauty by MarijaBerjozaHero of Time by McJohnArtWITCHCRAFT SPEED PAINTING With VIDEO PROCESS by nachoyagueThe Drifting Isle Chronicles : Black Mercury by ElsaKroese
Mordred commission by doomburgMuse:  Spring by GregSkrticPearl by Lylla4:thumb352824895:Fox Goddess COLOUR by Viking-Princess
:thumb352825966:Astrid and Hiccup - How to Train Your Dragon by Pugoffka-samaIt's the Bathtime! by junfenderEclair Thompson by mikeroroMonth of the Ice: Caoiliainn by barn-swallow
OTT Sweet - Deco lolita by ButtjmHeartstrings by aruarian-dancerTime for Adventure! by sheikyorbuti:thumb352922444:Departure by du-la
Heraldic hoptoad by UgaraBorzoiPassion sets fire to reason by mthurgoodart-Cosmic Sleeping Beauty- by EtoileTanSaiyuki [Konzen // Sanzo] by PineapplePandahfear by siby
Through the Mists by Karl-SminkBog by BuggydudeSilver Heart Red Rose Post Earrings by DryGulchJewelryErica by sonnyawsEndless dream by AnnaArmona
ancient astronauts santosky 2013 15 by SantoskyIce treasure keeper - dragon - stone painting by AlviaAlcedo=A= Kikyou by jiegengDaiSona and kayle by ArisT0teaceo - rochelle by demon-rae
Asphyx by GabrielSieglPride and Prejudice by MARYMARUScenario by funnybearLambdadelta: Witches' Teaparty by morningloveTree Sparrows by Swallow6
thistle in winter by SvitakovaEvaSoa by Ferret1moonNector by SoigneuxDesespoirJakarta Before Rain by triskabelleWant an apple? by saki-chan195
No limits... only the sky by azka-cosplayMills Falls at Kejimkujik by panopixWish Upon a Star by GemmaBerkhoutWioletta by AlrunisHunter x Hunter : Killua by kuryuki

Please fav and spread this article everywhere so that this feature, and these artists, get more exposure.

Check out previous issues:

The Ultima Feature: Issue 1 FAT BIRDS!!
A feature of pieces found on the front page newest. Please enjoy.
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DryGulchJewelry Feb 12, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
Thank you so much for featuring our earrings! We really appreciate it. :)
DryGulchJewelry Feb 12, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
Thank you so much for featuring our necklace!
Doubly welcomes! I may go and buy some of your stuff.
DryGulchJewelry Feb 14, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
That's great! And do check back often because we are always adding new items to our Etsy store. :)
Sure, i'd be happy to.
thank you so much
EtoileTan Feb 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much again for featured me !
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