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I really don't know what to say. I really don't. For those of you who don't know, please read:

I'm kind of dumbstruck as a Little Monster. More than a little. It proves we all are human. Even Lady Gaga.

I'm not going to sit here and prattle on about how wonderful I think Lady Gaga is. I feel I would be making myself sound stupid. I'm going to anyway, because I can't stop myself.

She is a genuinely nice woman. Probably on of the nicest people on the planet. Past all of the fashion, pop music is a genuine and real person, out to try and make everyone happy. Out to make herself better as an artist. Out to make herself better as a person. And it is with that drive she pushes herself beyond the limit. She always tries her best and is always out to please, especially her fans, really, who she treats as family. She pushed herself past all of the pain to perform the Born This Way Ball. She did this for her fans, for the people watching her. She cares, she cares a lot.

And I want to do more for her. I kind of feel bad, even though we did not know how much pain she was in until recently, I was still expecting ARTPOP. Although, with remixing and drawings, and just being inspired by an icon, really, i think that would be enough for her. But no, I still feel bad.

I want to more than just send prayers and everything. So I'm just gonna bring more attention to bigger projects already happening. There is Twitter and #GetWellSoonGaga and #GetBetterGaga and the variations.

Of course, Gagadaily has even started up it's own artbook project. Get Well Gaga <3.

I'm hoping that this will be enough. You can always do more. There are video projects and everything you can do.

Now, videos! I feel like this would be imperfect without music. I chose two performances. The Queen and Princess Die.

Time for beautiful art!

Free As My Hair by marvin102019Cut The Chains Of Fear by DibuMadHatterARTPOP! by oro-snakeGaga by Ashley-QThe Birth Of Gaga by LynnGommans
My body is sanctuary, my blood is pure by MauroIllustratorBazooka Bubblegum by dancingflame24BornTHISwayBornTHISwayBornTHIS by SuiginTwoGaga in Color by Severen13We could belong, we could belong by dancingflame24
HIGHWAY UNICORN - Warrior Queen by MikaMausGovernment Hooker by Epsthian-Artist:thumb315743370::thumb307423055:Operation: Kill the Bitch by LynnGommans
MILANO LOVE LADY GAGA by RoudInWonderlandARTPOP VISION 1 by MikaMausGaGaterfly Mouse Painting - Lady GaGa by im-sorry-thx-all-byeThe Edge Of Glory by Shire-RockLady Gaga by valefreaks
Right off the plane by LynnGommans:thumb352212863:Sometimes My Heart Feels Like by oro-snakeARTPOP princess by DibuMadHatterBORN TO BE BRAVE by ArtEleanor
Fashion Victim by SarahNOBODYFollow that Unicron by FfiTheTrtlepRincess Die by im-sorry-thx-all-byeMugler Woman by Ninzz-MiniGothLady Gaga - FAME 2 by K-Mail
CAKE LIKE LADY GAGA by SaintGzThe Queen Lady Gaga by turannethARTPOP by MattSimasLady Gaga by kpotatodorkkThe Lady is a Tramp by dennyvitali93
Lady Gaga by jardc87LG by MattSimas:thumb287676675::thumb292769640:''Government Hooker'' by marvin102019
Lady Gaga by VintagePastel92Lady Gaga in Rio by CrimsonCrystalBloodRussian Queen(s) by SarahNOBODYStache by AlfredoV90PRINCESS DIE: Lady Gaga by johngreeko
gaga by kirachelLady Gaga Digital Painting by DGatoGray tones by AnnikeAndrewsSomething about this place... by GualitoSandraWhite crow ( Lady Gaga) by Tolmachov

The last Born This Way Ball Performance, the Marry the Night Encore

Most of the Montreal Ball, the last show of the Born This Way Ball
"Let the blood and bruises define your legacy!"
                                                                                                            Lady Gaga

Peace, love, and meatballs to all.

A feature for, and of, Lady Gaga, an icon.
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Thank you for featuring me <3
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this is awesome, love to be part of this...
UltimaMage578 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013
Thanks!! And welcomes!
turanneth Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I really love it! And thank you so much for the feature <3 :))
UltimaMage578 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013
Thanks and welcomes!
GualitoSandra Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013
LOvely entry >3<...

thanks for the feature!!
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