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March 7, 2013
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Hellos! This is Ultima again! With issue 6. I decided to do another forum feature. I had another influx of artists again! And with so much art and artists it is really hard to choose.

I love the art I'm getting, and I love the fact that these pieces are getting at least a little more recognition.

So once again, the forum link.
Show Me Your Best, Your Newest, Your Whatever.

Keep your eyes peeled out to, for I may be doing something else in the forums as well.

Enjoy the feature! Hope everyone loves the art featured here!

Wisdom by fashionfreedomLet's call it dollface by LiieszzThe girl who watches time by Spider-LootThe Girl in the Mirror by louise-rabeyThe Legendary Trio by SonicHakeem
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Pencil Drawing by LucaHennigThe Queen Of Butterflies by The-Demons-WithinCara Delevingne by Keuker1 by MikeLancetteNature's Defiance by ReyeD33
commission: Luna by tofu-fairySmells And Sensations by RavenseyeTravisLacey:thumb357213694:The Dryad by SigbjornPedersenSingin' in the rain by ForWhom
RoadKill by MatthewReedSomething fresh this way comes by Miguel-SantosDelinquent ponies by ShotaDeerSavador Dali by giacomoburattiniCassiopeia set by Nymonyrya
I Don't Need A Heart by TheanimalparadeBubbles by RemenanceAn Unlikely Journey by XannijnThe Bloodgod by Shinigamiofthe7 EmbersI sleep in amber blankets,
woven of abandoned hair
left for me to find;
and on the days I can't reclaim
a single stranded memory,
I worry for my heart;
for in the light those memories,
more prized to me
than that of any metal,
reflect a hue of sated souls
searching for a missing link.
Drowning in the solitude;
I wake when air returns to me,
and in those moments I cannot breathe
I think of only you.

self-portrait by RechbiOriental Dwarf Kingfisher by TumblingTortoisesAnette and Amber by SilverChaimSpectrum flow by whitepucko:thumb357786671:
Alone In The Rain by KingStephenArthurThe Winter Council by cl0akedBlue Dragon Wedding Gown by mikaela07songMadison Falls by pokemontrainerjay How the World EndedLet me tell you the story
of how the world ended.
Once upon a time
a man and woman
committed the crime
of being human.
Having many children
throughout the world
multiplied their sin
as love unfurled.
Let me tell you the story
of why the world ended.
Once upon a time
the whole world came
to commit the crime
of passing the blame.
Fingers pointing out
and never within
all because we doubt
our very own kin.
Let me tell you the story
of when the world ended.
Once upon a time
we were in a womb
long before the crime
of death took a tomb.
Unable to fight
against the horror
we birth into light
when none are poorer.
Let me tell you the story
of where the world ended.
Once upon a time
humans were so wrecked
to believe the crime
of being correct.
Land of ideals
warring to be best
where no one feels
we’ve failed the test.

Between the Lines by Shigdioxinsteam punk society by chichariaThe Alley by JamieDavenportThings I'll Never Say by JulijanaMPrincess Peach en plein air by UnskilledJourneyman
Me and my family by BubbleDriverOne Piece - Nami + Zoro : escape to NOWHERE by PLlNs9902 -- mushroomized by 1uc4sCharmer by alsobrokenDanny RIP fanart by WhispersInTheMirror
Shoot Em Up by RLiggettEnlightened Mushroom by CielleLaRunaOsprey Fishing by diddlehMoonlit Mica Caps by PretenseOfDreamingRed Sea by noxxut

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Another feature from the forums. Please, enjoy, fav, and spread.
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PretenseOfDreaming Mar 11, 2013   Traditional Artist
Thank you so much!
Theanimalparade Mar 10, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the feature! :heart:
Nymonyrya Mar 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much! :)
alsobroken Mar 8, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for taking the time to collect so many cool pieces of art!
Welcomes and thanks!!
JulijanaM Mar 8, 2013  Professional General Artist
Thank you so so much! :) I'm honored! :D
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